Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving, Brooklyn and Changing Neighborhoods

I had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends in Bushwick. Bushwick, you might ask? Yes, I actually sold a friend and his partner a beautiful one bedroom with two outdoor spaces, both with great Manhattan views, in a well-designed condo building in Bushwick. I made great time driving over and walked around some more before I arrived for dinner. There were lots of 20 and 30 something hip looking folks on the street, of all nationalities, sexual orientations etc. The local bodega had great coffee. The subway access is excellent, the L and J and M trains all close by, the J one stop to Manhattan.

After dinner, we watched a national NBC newsreport from the 1970's how Bushwick was a burned out war zone, overrun by gangs. I remember the looting on Broadway, one of the main thoroughfares, during the 1977 blackout. But the amazing thing about New York and in particular now in Brooklyn, is that we continue to reinvent ourselves. In a city, where you don't need a car, where there are work opportunities in careers unheard of in other cities, we thrive and continue to create. Remember you read it here first. Bushwick is on the rise. And by the way the turkey was amazing. Good company too.

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