Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Working with a Broker

I showed a couple a property I have listed yesterday and they called me last evening to return. In the conversation, the wife mentioned she was working with a broker. I was rather surprised as usually if someone is working with a broker, the broker contacts me directly. I explained to the buyer that if they are working with a broker that person needs to contact me and be present at the showing.

A few months back, I showed a house I had listed in Bay Ridge and a broker contacted me to make the appointment. I arrived at the house at the arranged time and the prospective buyers soon followed. When they arrived, I asked if their broker was on the way. They replied that she never accompanies them to showings. I explained to this couple that a broker must accompany buyers unless other arrangements have been made prior to the showing.

I love working with buyers and sellers. If I represent a buyer, I make the appoinments. I act as their broker. A broker who does not accompany buyers to showings is not getting the feedback he or she needs. Much of the process of working with buyers is observing their experience at the property, what they like and dislike. Sometimes scheduling precludes my attending open houses with buyers if I am already committed to being at an open house for one of my listings. That being said, it is important for the relationship between buyers and a broker to be interractive in order for me to do my best work.

Of course, I am happy to represent buyers in the purchase process. Whomever you work with, make sure they are working for you, doing the work that needs to be done.

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