Saturday, January 9, 2010

The New Year and the Brooklyn Market

My impression of the Brooklyn market as we start the New Year is that interest in purchasing remains strong. My colleague, Ryan Roberts and I did an open house today at 475/476 Sterling Place in Prospect Heights and interest was clearly there. On a cold Saturday, right after the new year, about 16 buyer groups passed through the doors of each building, probably the highest number is a number of months.

Interest rates remain low and Brooklyn remains a very desirable place to live with great neighborhoods, and good values for the purchaser. I think we will continue to see strong activity in the market, especially as the weather gets warmer. New York City has suffered during the downturn, but not like many other places and it remains a desirable place to live for many. I will keep reporting on the state of the market as the year goes on.

We also received our Temporary Certificate of Occupancy at 476 Sterling yesterday. There are only two units left-a two bedroom two bath duplex on the top floor and a one bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor. Contact me if you are interested and stay warm!

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